Dr. Siegel: Fauci Is Sending the Wrong Message on Masks

‘When messaging changes, people get afraid and they don’t know who they can trust’

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GALLAGHER: “Dr. Anthony Fauci giving new advice on who should wear masks, now saying fully vaccinated Americans might want one in certain areas. Watch.”

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FAUCI: “If your put yourself in an environment in which you have a high level of viral dynamics and a very low level of vaccine, you might want to go the extra step and say when I’m in that area where there’s a considerable degree of viral circulation, I might want to go the extra mile to be cautious enough to make sure that I get the extra added level of protection even though the vaccines themselves are highly effective.”

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GALLAGHER: “Extra step, extra mile, extra protection. Let’s bring in Dr. Marc Siegel, Fox News medical contributor and professor of medicine at NYU Langone Medical Center. Dr. Siegel, always good to hear. You just heard from Dr. Fauci there. Dr. Marc, I want to play this sound bite, this is six days ago. That was yesterday, this is six days ago. Watch what he said then and I’ll get your reaction on the other side.”

[Clip starts]

HOLT: “Do you expect the CDC to change its mask-wearing guidelines for vaccinated Americans?”

FAUCI: “No, Lester, I don’t. I think what we’re going to be seeing, and I know we’re going to be seeing, is sticking to the guideline. We know from experience now that the vaccines that we’re using in this country do very well against the Delta variant. The CDC recommendations stand that if, in fact, you are vaccinated, fully vaccinated, you are protected and you do not need to wear a mask outdoors or indoors.”

[Clip ends]

GALLAGHER: “It’s public relations whiplash, Dr. Marc. It just changes all the time. People don’t know. What’s going on?”

SIEGEL: “Trace, good afternoon. When it does that, when messaging changes, people get afraid and they don’t know who they can trust, and there’s inconsistency. And I go with the CDC with this one, not on this flip flop by Dr. Fauci. I think if you’ve been vaccinated, you’re protected over 95 percent of the time. And even if you got a case, it would be really, really mild. So the idea of reinstituting masks in states that don’t have as high a vaccination rate — let me give you an idea what the actual numbers are, and you’ll understand what I’m saying. In Mississippi, there’s been less than 200 new cases a day over the past week, with only three deaths over the entire week. In Wyoming, less than 80 new cases a day with one death over the entire week. So if you’re in Wyoming or Mississippi, which don’t have the kind of vaccine compliance I want or Dr. Fauci wants, what’s the chances that you’re going to bang into this virus if you’re fully vaccinated? Almost zero. So it sends the wrong message and it gets in the way of a doctor like me trying to convince my patients to get the vaccine.”

GALLAGHER: “Is that what they’re doing? Are they trying? Is this just a tactic to say, you know, you got to get vaccinated? Is it just another roundabout sales pitch from Fauci?”

SIEGEL: “It could be. And if it is, it’s going to backfire. Because the way to get people vaccinated isn’t to bully them, isn’t to scare them. It’s to give them a choice and say here’s what Covid could do to you, and here is what the vaccine can do to you. Vaccines have side effects but Covid has more side effects. Got to be a one-on-one conversation, not about masks as a form of punishment. Makes no sense. And the public health doesn’t back that up right now. I agree with CDC. We don’t need the mask mandates.”

GALLAGHER: “And what do you make, by the way, Dr. Siegel, I got to get your take on this, the third Olympic athlete has now been affected by Covid. The Emperor of Japan is very concerned about this. Are you, sir?”

SIEGEL: “Well, first of all, they’re not allowing international fans in there. I’ll tell you what I’m concerned about — I’m not so much concerned about the players, because 80 percent of the Olympians or the support, Paralympians have been vaccinated, 80 percent. But when you go into the stands, they’re still talking about 50 percent, people in the stands, up to 10,000 people currently. And you know what? Japan only has a vaccination rate of about 13 percent. That’s where I could see the spread. And I predict they’re going to keep backing down on the number of people they let in-person to see this. You and I already can’t go over there. But within Japan, it’s a low vaccination rate. I’m not so concerned about the Olympians actually because of the high vaccination rate.”

GALLAGHER: “Dr. Marc, still the best, thank you sir. Happy Fourth of July weekend to you.”

SIEGEL: “Same to you, Trace. Happy Fourth of July.”

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