Trump: I Am Hillary’s ‘Worst Nightmare’

‘[Bill Clinton] is not happy that I am running because nobody has hit Hillary harder than I have’

[rush transcript]

KILMEADE: “Big story yesterday was the truth or -- the true or false story that Bill Clinton -- you and Bill Clinton talked before you decided to run and maybe that was reason you decide to run. What’s the truth there?”

TRUMP: “The truth is, we talked after, actually long after I decided to run. I think, you know, maybe it was feeling -- we didn’t even talked about that. We’re not particularly friends or anything. And I tell you what, he’s not happy that I’m running because nobody has hit Hillary harder than I have. I am saying that what she's done is a criminal offense. You just have to ask General Petraeus, I mean he -- they destroyed his life over far less than what she did. I had my mind made up a long time before I spoke to him. We spoke, and it was just a nice call. It was really a nothing call. Nobody is going to influence me. Honestly, I’m her worst – I will be her worst nightmare and have been. I don't think, and you people know, I don't think anybody  been tougher on her than I have.”


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