Raymond Arroyo Calls Kamala Harris ‘The Gwen Berry of Politics’: She’s ‘Divisive’ and ‘Throwing Hammers’

‘She hates the flag’

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ARROYO: “Well, he is already on record saying he will run again. He will be 81 years old. If you listen to the speeches I listened to today from Joe Biden. I will play some later this evening, I can’t imagine this at 81. He is having trouble just putting basic stories together. Kamala Harris has become the berry of politics. She is divisive. She hates the flag. There is little to show for it. Her portfolio solving immigration and being the leader on the voting rights act. There is no progress. The people in the Democratic Party see that John poll pitting her against Trump is looks bad for the Democrats. I don’t see how you get Biden out there against in 2024.”

(Via Mediaite)

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