MSNBC: Biden Departs for Visit to Surfside Condo Collapse Site

‘President Biden, Dr. Jill Biden offering their condolences face-to-face’


BRZEZINSKI: “All right. We’re looking at live pictures right now, Marine One at Joint Base Andrews. President Biden and Dr. Jill Biden will be heading off shortly. Their destination is Surfside, Florida where they are going to be visiting the disaster zone of the condo collapse there. There’s still over 100 people missing and unaccounted for. And President Biden will be not just visiting the site to see the wreckage, to see it firsthand, but also to meet with the families of those who have died and those who are still missing and at this point presumed dead, although there is still a rescue mission under way. Very, very, very difficult day ahead for those family members as they enter the second week of this catastrophe. President Biden, Dr. Jill Biden offering their condolences face-to-face. Something you didn’t see a lot of in the past four years, but something that this president takes very seriously and that is connecting with people who have suffered from loss and empathizing with them and sharing with them their pain.”

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