Hayes: Rep. Gosar Is Worse than Taylor Greene, I’ll Spare You Playing the Tape of Him Mocking Holocaust Victims Being Cooked Like Cookies

‘Arizona congressman Paul Gosar is giving a run for her money’


HAYES: “And she may not even be the most offensive member of Congress serving right now. Arizona congressman Paul Gosar is giving her a run for her money. He's the guy whose own siblings think he should be removed from office, the guy who told supporters ahead of January 6 to be ready to defend the Constitution in the White House, also the guy who appeared at a conference hosted by a white nationalist named Nick Fuentes, and is now planning to hold a fund-raiser with the same man. Nick Fuentes has defended segregation, bemoaned the United States losing its 'white demographic core,' cast doubts on the millions of deaths in the Holocaust, engaged in a lengthy metaphor likening the deaths to cookies baking in an oven, he labeled the January 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol awesome, the racist rally in Charlottesville that resulted in the death of a counterprotester incredible. I can play you the tape of him doing a whole smirking riff about the Holocaust and how many cookies Cookie Monster could bake in an oven at a time, but I will spare you.“

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