Romney: I Think Biden ‘Recognizes Putin is a Bad Guy’

‘I don’t think [Biden] has really laid his cards on the table at this stage, with regards to Putin’


ROMNEY: "Well, I don't know that he's really laid his cards on the table at this stage wit regards to Putin, but I think he recognizes that Putin is a bad guy, that as President Biden indicated, he has killed people, and he pointed out as well that his political opponents have all ended up in jail or killed, or attempts to assassinate them have been carried out. I mean, he is an autocrat in the worst way, and represents a threat to the world. Recognize as well, of course, that Russia is in decline, a demographic decline and economic decline. John McCain used to joke that they are a gas station parading as a country, and were it not for their energy resources, they would be even more difficult than they are. But the real challenge is not just Russia poking a stick in our eye every chance they have, but the emergence of China, which is on track to become the most powerful economy in the world and the most powerful military in the world.”

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