CNN’s Keilar Badgers Rep. Waltz over Not Agreeing ‘White Rage’ Fueled Capitol Riot

‘Congressman, what do you call that if you don’t call it white rage?’


KEILAR: “I mean, Congressman, what do you call that if you don’t call it white rage?”

WALTZ: “Brianna, I don’t know what you mean by over-represented. I think any one member of the military —“

EILAR: “No, no, no, by over-represented, compared to the population, there’s a lot of them. You have anti-government extremists who purposely recruit people from the military. There were a lot of military. even active duty, but mostly veterans who were in that crowd. A lot.”

WALTZ: “I just think we need to be very careful about implying that the military had anything to do with that awful day. Those individuals need to be brought to justice. They are being brought to justice. I was there. It was a terrible day for the country, period.”

KEILAR: “Is that white rage? Look at the people in that crowd.”

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