Todd: Clinton Camp Has ‘Problems;’ Sanders ‘Not in Their Playbook 2 Months Ago’

‘They know they have problems’

SCARBOROUGH: “Chuck, the Clinton foundation. We heard much to do about nothing. It's not going to have an impact. We heard the same thing about the server for the same thing about the Bernie Sanders polls. Is the Clinton campaign starting to understand that they’ve got a serious problem here or do they not have a serious problem? With a guy like Bernie Sanders -- almost with a margin of error in the most important primary state.”

TODD: “Right. Look, you know, they would say ‘oh, that's the neighboring state of Bernie Sanders’ and this or that. Look, you got -- the campaign is taking it seriously. There's two million reasons why you should say that. They just put up a million dollars with of ads in Iowa and New Hampshire in August. OK? I guarantee you this was not in the Robby Mook’s playbook two months ago. That they were going to go up on the air in August and have to start spending their money. So look, they know they have problems, [they] are seeing the same polls and that was the thing. When I look – when we looked deep in our poll and saw the cross tabs and saw the erosion of support among some of her key voting groups including a lot of different women demographic groups, married women, white women, older women and younger women, you realize why they're on the air and why they're on the air with a Dorothy Rodham ad.”

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