Howard Kurtz: January 5th FBI Memo Said ‘People Traveling to Washington for War’

‘They wanted more Trump’


KURTZ: “But because there was a bipartisan deal not to get bogged down in Donald Trump's role on January 6th, that was not good enough for many pundits. They wanted more Trump. What about Trump? Isn't the whole thing Trump's fault? Our media echo system has become so laser focused on blaming Trump and some Republican lawmakers that we've lost sight of the massive failures here such as, as The New York Times noted, the FBI memo the day before, January 5th, warning of people traveling to Washington for war, never made its way to top law enforcement officials such as, as The Washington Post noted, a series of omissions and miscommunications by the Capitol police that kept vital information from reaching frontline officers. Omissions? I am so tired going back to 9/11 of hearing that this agency or that police department had the info, had the intel, and didn't notify other agencies about the threats. This is sheer incompetence.”

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