Immunologist: Institutions Should Absorb Any Liability if They Force Our Kids To Get Vaccinated

‘We are rushing this through very fast where many people have already been naturally infected’


NOORCHASHM: “I am happy to share my own personal position. I have two kids going to college. One a great college in Boston. She had no antibodies and got the modern vaccine and now has good antibodies levels. My son at the university of Chicago. He had Covid in November and a whopping amount of antibodies. We are asking for a vaccine exemption based on potential harm. From a medical perspective this is a no brainer. If we force kids at risk of loss of educational opportunities to meet in person to get vaccinated and they are harmed, this is the liability that the institutions will have to absorb. This is not an approved vaccine. We are rushing through this very fast where many people have already been naturally infected.”

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