Tucker: Would Healthy Young People Be Harmed by the Vaccine than Covid Itself?

‘That would be a disaster’


CARLSON: “The government announced that healthy young people should avoid the vaccine. It’s too dangerous. This is a significant development for us in the United States. Young Americans could develop a fatal heart disorder because of the vaccine. That’s not a conspiracy theory. That’s real. The CDC confirmed what appear to be be dangerous side effects. The Biden administration’s vaccine and first reporting system and the CDC vaccine safety data link show high rates of myocarditis in young people who have been vaccinated. It is possible that healthy young people in this country will be much more likely to be harmed by the vaccine than by Covid itself. That would be a disaster. It’s the definition of a preventible disaster. How are institutions responding to these numbers? Mostly by ignoring them. In the last week many American colleges and universities announced they will require proof of vaccination before they allow students to return to campus. At some schools that applies only to students. It does not apply to faculty and staff. As for the young people who already recovered from Covid and likely have robust immunity, they will be required to get the shot too.”

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