Scott Stringer Says Years of Work in Albany Would Help Him ‘Reset’ the Relationship Between NYC’s Mayor and Gov. Cuomo

‘Mayor de Blasio played checkers with Andrew Cuomo when he should’ve been playing chess’


STRINGER: "Look, this is where experience comes in. Mayor de Blasio played checkers with Andrew Cuomo when he should have been playing chess. And the reality is we need to reset the Albany relationship between the mayor and the governor. I’ve been one of the leading reformers when I served in the state assembly. I was independent, but I was also effective. Nobody in Albany, when I'm mayor, is going to steal my lunch money. I'm going to go to Albany, I’m going to work with the Senate and the assembly. We’re going to craft policies, were going to make sure that the legislature and the governor do what’s right by the people of the city. We've seen that we’ve made gains in the last legislative session, in part because of the Democrats in the state Senate.”

(Via CBS News)

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