Fox’s Kennedy: Kamala Harris in Charge of the Border Is a ‘Nonstop Gift that Keeps on Giving for Republicans’

‘If her abilities matched her ambition, then by now we certainly would’ve had a plan’


KENNEDY: “Here is a woman, she was the Attorney General of California, she was a United States senator, she's the Vice President of the United States. If her abilities matched her ambition, then by now we certainly would have had a plan. And I've said this all along, I wish the border and immigration deserved the same sort of urgency of the vaccines, because there are almost the same number of people who are hurt in this entire process. And when you got Democratic representatives in border states and you’ve got progressives screaming at you, not to mention the nonstop gift that keeps on giving for Republicans that is Kamala Harris in charge of the border, you are doing something wrong.”

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