Alcindor: ‘I’ve Been Told By Experts’ It Will Take ‘Several Election Cycles’ Before Europe Likes Us Again

‘Might take several election cycles to do the sum of work of restoring trust in America that President Biden wants to do with this trip’

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ALCINDOR: "Because one the things that the Biden administration officials have been underscoring when I talked with them is when you look at American democracy, whether it’s Republicans or Democrats, they still had this feeling of America being a leader and of America valuing our European allies, and that was lost for a large part when it comes to President Trump, who was just openly hostile and was so mean in some ways to our European allies. That being said, there are still big questions about whether or not President Biden just in being here can do that. Deep scars are really something that takes, I've been told by experts, years, and there are a lot of European leaders who have been looking at America for a long time wondering what exactly is going on with that democracy. And it might take several election cycles, I'm being told, to really some of work of restoring trust in America that President Biden wants to do with this trip.”

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