Rep. Jeffries Repeatedly Tries Baiting FBI’s Wray into Labeling White Supremacy Greatest National Security Threat

‘Violent white supremacy is the most persistent and lethal threat to the American homeland, correct?’


JEFFRIES: "Thank you Chairman Nadler, thank you Director Wray for your presence and your service to this country. The dramatic rise in anti-Semitic and anti-Asian violence is throughout this country is unacceptable, unconscionable, and un-American. So let me begin, Director Wray, by just urging you and the FBI to dedicate all necessary resources to deal with and address this scourge. Director Wray, violent white supremacy is the most persistent and lethal threat to the American homeland, correct?"
WRAY: "We -- well, the way we look at it -- we’ve categorized it -- I think we’re saying the same thing, but just to be clear -- we have elevated racially motivated violent extremism, the vast majority of which is motivated by advocacy on behalf of white superiority as -- at our highest threat priority level. That's commensurate with ISIS. And it is certainly true that over the last few years the most lethal attacks here in the homeland have been by individuals of that racially motivated violent extremist category, specifically those advocating for the superiority of the white race."
JEFFRIES: "Right. Otherwise known as white supremacists. So, the largest group -- just to clarify -- of racially motivated violent extremists are white supremacists organizations, is that right?"
WRAY: "Well, I wouldn't say organizations, but individuals. The largest portion of --"
JEFFRIES: "Well --"
WRAY: "-- the largest portion of -- of domestic terrorist investigations that we have, and arrests or investigations of the racially motivated --"  [crosstalk]
JEFFRIES: "Well, let me ask you about -- thank you. Let me ask about organizations. The Oath Keepers are a white supremacist organization, true?"
WRAY: "I'm not sure that I can characterize their ideology.”

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