Joe Slams Warren over Planned Parenthood: ‘Please, Stop Insulting Our Intelligence’

‘For Elizabeth Warren to try to conflate the right of a woman to choose with the horridness and grotesqueness of what is discussed over lunch is really unfortunate’

BRZEZINSKI: "All right. The Washington Post, a move to defund Planned Parenthood of half a billion if federal funding came up short in the Senate. It was a mostly Republican push to strip the government backing after the release of a series of edited under cover videos. More of those are to come, apparently. Two Democrats, including senator Joe Manchin voted in favor of the procedural bill. Republican backers say they want to redirect the funds to other women's health clinics and resource, as you can imagine, it made for a passionate day of debate."
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CORNYIN: “Perhaps the only thing more shocking than the actual dismembering of unborn children for sale is the cavalier attitude by the planned Parenthood staff who seem to have sacrificed their humanity and showed so little regard for the sanctity of human life. 
WARREN: “I come to ask my Republican colleagues a question. Do you have any idea what year it is? Did you fall down, hit your head and think you woke up in the 1950s or the 1890s? Should we call for a doctor? Let's be really clear about something. The Republican scheme to defund Planned Parenthood is not some sort of reprised response to a highly edited video. Nope. It's just one more piece of a deliberate, methodical orchestrated right wing attack on women's rights."
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SCARBOROUGH: “I don't know what was acceptable in 1890 or what was shocking in 1950. The archbishop of Chicago said, have we so muted the humanity of the unbonn child some consider acceptable to speak freely of crushing a child's skull to preserve valuable body parts. Was that acceptable in 1890 or 1950? The commerce of body parts, the archbishop said, the defenseless unborn children, callously discussed over lunch. A number spoke yesterday on the Senate floor, talks about a sheer disdh human dignitary and disregard for their babies. There are pro choice people that believe fervently in the right of a woman to choose, who are equally repulsed, disgusted by those videos and more videos are coming out and they will be worse.”
BRZEZINSKI: “Really bad.” 
SCARBOROUGH: “They will be worse. And for Elizabeth Warren to try to conflate the right of a woman to choose with the horrorness and grotesqueness of what is discussed over lunch is really unfortunate. You know, Elizabeth Warren talking about the 1950s and the 1890s, she can talk about it all she wants. There is a great quote. I don't know the source. It goes something like just because we are not shocked by what shocked our grandmothers does not mean we are more advanced than our grandmothers.”
BRZEZINSKI: “Okay. But with, you know, just to be clear here, she's talking about the issue of defunding Planned Parenthood and its services. She's fought talking about what's going on in these videos.”
SCARBOROUGH: “She's talking about an organization whose leaders.”
BRZEZINSKI: “Look, I don't disagree. “
SCARBOROUGH: “And there are more. It's –“
BRZEZINSKI: “I know there are more.”
SCARBOROUGH: “It's easy to see how many Americans really believe their tax dollars should go to fund this organization. Planned Parenthood is not synonymous with women's health. You can have women's health or you can have an organization that takes care of women's health without having the number one abortion provider who speaks so callously over lunch about the Har vesting of unborn children.”
BRZEZINSKI: “The story is going to get a lot bigger. 
SCARBOROUGH: “I'm saying, conflating the right to choose with Planned Parenthood, conflating dollars with protecting women's health, that's just a red Hering. It has been set up that way so you can't have this discussion without being against women's health. But you can be against the funding of Planned Parenthood without being against the support of women's health care. Nice try Elizabeth, nice try Elizabeth Warren. Nice try. It's only going to get worse for Planned Parenthood. I agree with Hillary Clinton. There are troubling things on those tapes. And everybody needs to open their eyes and see that instead of reflectively talking about right wing attacks on a woman's right to choose. Please stop insult our intelligence, Elizabeth Warren. Stop.” 

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