Condoleeza Rice on Covid Lab Leak Probe: ‘Better Late than Never’

‘Well, the first thing is to recognize that there was too much of a tendency early on to dismiss this possibility of a laboratory leak’


RICE: “So now, better late than never. I’m glad we are fully looking at this. I’m not sure we’ll ever know fully the story, but putting pressure on the Chinese, taking this to the United Nations, raising the profile of what China needs to do to help us get this right. I was actually national security advisor when SARS hit. It was the same problem. We knew something was happening. We couldn’t get answers from the Chinese. And so if we're not going to keep repeating this problem — and this one had much more devastating consequences — then we’ll have to be a little bit more aggressive with the Chinese about the need to cooperate. But I think we made a mistake earlier on in many, many people — many officials dismissed this possibility."

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