Meyers: Once Trump Says Something Sane, the Party’s Over

‘Donald Trump still leading the Republican polls — with support from 19% of voters’

MEYERS: “It is an exciting week because we have our first GOP debate coming up this week. A lot of Republican polling in the news. Donald Trump, you guys — Donald Trump still leading the Republican polls — with support from 19% of voters. Of course it’s only a matter of time before Trump slips up and says something completely sane. And once he says something completely sane, party is over. This was incredible to me. A staffer for Donald Trump’s campaign has been fired after it was discovered he made statements on Facebook in 2007 calling President Obama a socialist, Marxist, Islamo-facist, Nazi appeaser. Well technically he was fired for leaving out Muslim. “Can’t leave out Muslim. That’s the big one.””

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