Fauci: ‘Fairly Certain’ the U.S. Will Not See ‘The Kind of Surges We’ve Seen in the Past’

‘What I am concerned about [is] those states in which the level of vaccination is low’


FAUCI: "Well, you know, it’s going to be — it’s not going to be uniform throughout the country, John, because if you look at the map of the percentage of people in different states that have reached a certain level of vaccinated people, certain percentage that if you have a very high percentage of people vaccinated, you’re not going to see a substantial blip. You may see a little, but not anything that even resembles a surge. But my concern is, is in those states in which you have relatively few compared to others, people vaccinated. When you are below 50 percent of the people being vaccinated. That’s when you’re going to have a problem. I think given the country as a whole, the fact that we have now about 50 percent of adults fully vaccinated and about 62 percent of adults having received at least one dose, as a nation, I feel fairly certain you’re not going to not see the kind of surges we’ve seen in the past. What I am concerned about are those states in which the level of vaccination is low that you may continue to see higher levels of cases as we get into the summer. That’s what my concern is."

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