Rove Slams Biden for Calling Tx. Voting Bill Undemocratic: He ‘Has No Shame,’ ‘Delaware Does Not Allow Drive-Through Voting’

‘Delaware don’t allow 24-hour voting periods’


ROVE: "President Biden has no shame. Delaware does not allow drive-through voting. Delaware does not allow 24-hour voting periods. One county in Texas, Harris County, the size of Houston, TX, out of 254 counties put these rules in place without any authority under state law to do this. So what the legislature is attempting to do in part is make sure that we have uniform rules for everybody. The 14th Amendment to the Constitution calls for equal protection for all people in the exercise of their rights. Should we have one set of rules devised by Harris County? They attempted to mail out a mail-in ballot to every resident in the county. This was slapped down by the Texas Supreme Court in a 9-0 decision. So if the President of the United States wants to condemn Texas as undemocratic, then let’s see him insist on states like New York and Massachusetts and his own home state of Delaware to enact the kind of thing that they’re playing with in one county here without any statutory positive authority to do so.”

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