Rep. Moody on Dems Leaving House Floor: The Right to Vote ‘Was Never Taken for Granted in Communities like Mine’

‘We’re going to do whatever it takes to maintain the franchise’


BERMAN: "How did this go down? When did you know this was the plan?"
MOODY: "Look, the idea of you can break quorum is always out there and when you’re pushed to extreme, you respond to that with extreme. And so we always had that tool at our disposal, and at a certain point it became very evident that the only way to stop the legislation, at least in the short term, was -- was to not be present."
BERMAN: "Why was this worth it? What was it about this legislation that made you stage this walkout?"
MOODY: "Look, the right to vote is -- is -- is something we hold very dear and near to our hearts, and for the people that we represent, it means everything. The franchise is something that was never taken for granted in communities like mine, and -- and we will never take it for granted. And so when people come to challenge that and people come to take that away, we’re going to do whatever it takes to maintain the franchise."

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