Mitchell: Clinton Has Suffered a ‘Sharp Uptick in People Saying They Don’t Trust Her’

‘— possibly a reaction to controversies like her private e-mails’

GUTHRIE: “Meantime, this is a big week in the presidential race, the Republicans are holding their first debate on Thursday. And on the Democratic side, a bit of a bombshell this weekend, speculation and reports that the Vice President once again is seriously considering a run for president. NBC's Andrea Mitchell has all of it from Washington this morning. Andrea, good morning to you.”            

MITCHELL: “Good morning, Savannah. Vice President Joe Biden's aides say he will decide by late summer amidst that new speculation he might run against Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primaries.”

[clip starts]

MITCHELL (voice-over): “It is a decision possibly born in tragedy. A dying wish from his son, Beau.”

B. BIDEN: “My father, my hero. The next Vice President of the United States, Joe Biden.”

MITCHELL (voice-over): “A wish also endorsed by Biden's surviving son, Hunter. Their hope, that their dad would challenge front-runner Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination.”

MCMAHON: “He's been a heartbeat away from the presidency for eight years. I think he thinks he's qualified, and anybody in that position would be thinking about it.”

MITCHELL (voice-over): “Biden aide Steve Ricchetti is sounding out Democratic regulars, including some who had already signed on with Clinton. Clinton has huge advantages.”

RENDELL: “Almost all the Biden donors have gone over to Hillary Clinton already. So I think it's too late to mount a serious campaign at this stage.”

MITCHELL (voice-over): “Biden has run for president twice before, and stumbled. And as vice president, he has occasionally been prone to gaffes.

BIDEN: “We both have something in common. We both married up.”

MITCHELL (voice-over): “And at times, excessive exuberance.”

BIDEN: “This is a big f- - -ing deal!”

MITCHELL (voice-over): “But Biden has proved his loyalty and become a key adviser to the President. While Clinton, although polling way ahead of the other Democrats, has recently suffered a sharp uptick in people saying they don't trust her, possibly a reaction to controversies like her private e-mails. The campaign says it's not concerned.”

PALMIERI: “There's a lot of views in the Democratic Party, and, you know, we'll be prepared to handle whatever comes our way.”

MITCHELL (voice-over): “In fact, tomorrow Clinton starts airing her first TV ads in Iowa and New Hampshire, aides say, costing $2 million.”

CLINTON: “I believe that when families are strong, America is strong.”

[clip ends]

MITCHELL: “A Biden run would certainly put President Obama in the awkward position of having to choose between his vice president and his former secretary of state?” 

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