George Will: Young Progressives Like Victims and Israel Is No Longer ‘David,’ It’s the Mighty ‘Goliath’

‘Now today the Palestinians are victims and they’re getting the support of the sentimentalism about Israel’


WILL: "Progressives like victims. For a long time Israel was David, not Goliath. Now, today, the Palestinians are victims and they're getting the support of — of the sentimentalism about Israel. Mozart and the orange groves and all that stuff has gone away, and it's now a mighty military power with a booming information age economy. It's not as sympathetic as it was. So part of the generational divide that Rahm is talking about is young progressives who feel none of this attachment to Israel —"

EMANUEL: "Right."

WILL: " — and who look upon Israel as someone who's militarily competent, strong, vibrant society, and they kind of resent it next to the Palestinians."

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