CNN’s Hoover: ‘Far Right Wing’ Will Find Trump ‘Mushy’ on Illegals

‘That is so not going to fly with the far right wing of the Republican Party’

CNN's Hoover: 'Far Right Wing' Will Oppose Trump on Legalizing Illegal Immigrants (NewsBusters)

As if one had to be "far right wing" to oppose giving legal status to most of the country's millions of illegal immigrants, CNN political analyst Margaret Hoover on Friday's New Day asserted that the "far right wing of the Republican Party" will oppose Donald Trump's plan to allow the estimated 11 million illegal immigrants already in the U.S. to acquire legal status.

Co-host Alisyn Camerota introduced a clip of Trump from an interview with CNN's Dana Bash in which the GOP presidential candidate called for removing illegal immigrants from the country, but then offering them an "expedited" process to get back into the U.S. with legal status. Camerota queried: "So tell us if this will pass muster at the debate."

Hoover, a supposedly right-leaning CNN analyst who is known for taking liberal positions on some social issues, began her response by imitating Trump's perceived position. 

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