Katie Pavlich Slams Geraldo Rivera on Israel: ‘You Are Repeating Hamas Propaganda’

‘So you’re justifying using human shields in order to make the argument as you are’


PAVLICH: “We’re going — so you’re justifying Hamas using human shields in order to make the argument exactly as you are. And you are saying —“
GERALDO: “I’m saying that —“
PAVLICH: “ — exactly the argument which Hamas makes, which is the Israelis kill civilians, which is —“
GERALDO: “An Israeli F-16 going 500 miles an hour is going to kill civilians.”
PAVLICH: “You are repeating Hamas propaganda. You are repeating Hamas propaganda —“
GERALDO: “I’m deeply experienced in that region. I’m a Zionist. I’m telling you how I feel.”
PAVLICH: “— when they go out of their way to stop civilians from being killed and Hamas purposely uses them as human shields. That is a known fact and you’re denying it.”

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