Hillary: To Address Racial Inequality, ‘I’m Going To Be the Small Business President’

‘This is about the whole economy but what do they need to do to clear the way for small businesses to start and grow’


UNKNOWN PERSON: “My final question in the discussion around income inequality rather racial wealth gap, one part of the conversation this did not really address is the role of small businesses, African American owned businesses, many of them face frozen credit markets, difficulty in building their business. What would you say to entrepreneurs about how you would address those can earn because they are in G job creators, many women-owned businesses. About 70% of women-owned and they are so crucial to closing the racial wealth gap. How would you address there could learns.”

CLINTON: “We could be here all day. Let me quickly say I want to be the small business president. My father was a small businessman. I saw how hard he worked and how you provided for my family. Mark is absolutely right. 60% of the net jobs created in America are created by small businesses. Right now with tax burdens, regulatory burdens, licensing urgent and credit carriers preventing starting a small businesses and growth and expansion and it is particularly a problem for people of color and women and women of color especially.

Part of what I want to do and am starting to talk about all across the country this year when I'm tearing down those barriers. One of the problems is frozen at it, lack of credit. For 30, 40 years I worked and how you get more credit to small businesses in underserved areas. We are still spending a lot of small businesses. I want to take that model across the country. I want to make sure we have online Monday that its especially attuned to the needs of small business. I have a whole small business agenda because this is one of the keys to not only creating wealth and jobs are getting our economy moving as quickly and fast as we can to where we were before the big crash.

There's a lot more to talk about because I don't want to overstate my welcome. And my economic plan attack about strong growth, fair growth and long-term growth. We cannot have that unless we do more to get women in the workforce and have been paid fairly and take into account their particular challenges. Secondly, we have to get off the lotus student at because that is stopping a lot of young people. This is about the whole economy but what do they need to do to clear the way for small businesses to start and grow. I’m going to be the small business president.”

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