Schultz: 'Thousands and Thousands of People Have Been Able to Sign Up'

'Every passing day is seeing more and more people ...'

"Well we've had more than 2 million people in the first three days of this week able to get on, shop around, compare plans, and thousands and thousands of people have been able to sign up. Every passing day is seeing more and more people who have the ability to get on and see that they can get access to health care, quality, affordable health care that they couldn't before. Access to preventative care like mammograms and colonoscopies, people with pre-existing conditions like me who no longer on January 1st will have to be worried about being dropped or denied coverage. So with every passing day we're going to be able to make sure that more people are aware of the benefits that are available to them, get them signed up for coverage, and make sure that we take the angst of not having your health off the table because we will be able to keep people well, catch illness early."

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