Tucker: Americans Who Are Vaccinated and Still Wear a Mask Are Not Thinking Clearly

‘Science doesn’t tell us what’s true, science shows us what’s true’


CARLSON: “So clearly many vaccinated Americans, most of them, according to this poll, don’t really believe in the Covid vaccine. What does that tell us? Among other things it tells us that we have long ago left the realm of science and are instead in a state of mass hysteria and mass manipulation. Many Americans are too scared to think clearly. If you’ve had the vaccine, which you say you believe is effective, but you’re too afraid to rent a car for fear of getting Covid, you’re not thinking clearly. If you’ve had the vaccine and, say, again, you believe the vaccine works and you’re still wearing a mask, you are not thinking clearly. And you’re not thinking clearly because you’re too afraid, and you’re afraid because you’ve been told for more than a year that you are required to be terrified. And the arrival of the vaccine has not calmed you at all. Instead, demagogues have instructed you to channel your fear into hate and turn it on anyone who disobeys their orders. The result is, vaccinated Americans in masks cannot be happy or feel safe or feel any relief at all until every other person in the country joins them in getting the shot and covering their faces. That’s not rational. That’s not science. It’s something much darker than that. What began as a public health measure has become instead an instrument of social control."

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