George Conway: Republicans Who Reject Trump Need a New Home

‘I don’t think I would characterize it so much as a third party as a coalition’


CONWAY: “Trump lost the last presidential election popular vote by 7 million votes. He lost the House, he lost the Senate. And it’s just — you know, they have very little margin for error. They need to hold onto the voters who would in a normal situation want to vote for them, people who want lower taxes and want certain kinds of judges, judges who, by the way, voted overwhelmingly last winter to reject Trump’s ridiculous claims about voter fraud. You know, there needs to be a home for these people and I think that’s what this new group is trying to do. I don’t think I would characterize it so much as a third party, as a coalition. I don’t think a third party really necessarily works in the kind of political system we have with single-member districts and first-past-the-post voting, but there is a need for people who have a conservative to moderate point of view and who believe in the rule of law, and they need a place to go and a place where they can organize and support candidates that are consistent with that."

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