Bozell Slams Media’s ‘Raging Hypocrisy and Double Standard’ in Trump Coverage

‘Putting him alongside Bill Cosby is just heinous’

KELLY: “Joining me now with more, Brent Bozell, president of the Media Research Center. Brent, I understand that Ivana has denied this and so on. But it is tough to say and I understand there are questions about what people say in depositions in their divorce. But it is tough to say that if, in fact, one spouse makes a rape allegation against another under oath and that second party wants to be the president we should ignore it entirely. Am I wrong?”

BOZELL: “Yeah except that there is such a raging hypocrisy and a double standard going on. Where’s the coverage of Juanita Broaddrick if all this is true? Where are the media who think that this is suddenly so important and the big difference is that you had an accusation against Bill Clinton affirmed by the alleged victim and now an accusation denied by the alleged victim. So, start covering Juanita Broddrick and then, media, then get on your high horse and by the way rolling stone.” [Crosstalk]

KELLY: “We were told we needed to move on from that. That is the double standard. When it comes up about Bill Clinton we are told move on. Move on.”

BOZELL: “Well, Whitewater? Move on. Juanita Broddrick? Move on. Monica Lewinski? Move on. That’s where we got the name ‘move on.’ Now look at the Republicans. George Bush and the National Guard? That story was 30 years old and it covered the newspapers. Mitt Romney and his haircut? 50 years old, front-page news and now this which is more than 25 years old. What a double standard.’

KELLY: “And now some are using this as a –now this opens the door to discussion about rape and Republicans. Really?”

BOZELL: “Which is – look it’s disgusting. Putting him along side Bill Cosby is just heinous. It is absolutely heinous to make that accusation.”

KELLY: “It’s going to back fire. I think it’s going to back fire.”

BOZELL: “…By the way, I am not here as a Trump spokesman on this. But this is unfair and this is what’s going to happen, by the way, it happened in 2012, it’s going to happen with every single conservative who comes to the lead in this campaign. Mark my words.” 

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