Sen. Tuberville: ‘President Biden Is Acting Like He’s the President of New York and California’

‘President Biden is acting like he’s the president of New York and California, not the United States of America’


TUBERVILLE: “I was ready and I still am to work with President Biden in good faith to find common-sense solutions to problems facing the country, and to ensure the voices of Alabamians are heard. But so far, the President has neither united nor reached across the aisle. His actions have shown he is fine to play along with the divisive tactics of the progressive left rather than unite large and diverse country. President Biden is acting like he is the president of New York and California, not the United States of America. The progressives can barely contain their excitement. The President received glowing reviews from leading progressive members of Congress saying the President has 'exceeded expectations.' The left have been waiting a long time for an administration to implement their vision. They need to use a Trojan horse to put that vision into practice because it's remarkably unpopular with the majority of the American people.”

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