Charlie Crist on Florida’s New Voting Law: ‘I Think It’s Clearly Voter Suppression’

‘It is anti-democracy’


CRIST: "It's going to suppress the vote à la Georgia. I mean, it's unconscionable that Florida is doing this. It wasn't that long ago that Floridians, including Governor DeSantis, were praising the Florida vote last November, saying how flawless it was, how good it was, and now they're trying to correct something that's not broken. It makes you wonder what's going on, but I don't wonder about it very much. I think it's clearly voter suppression. It is wrong, it is anti-democracy, for crying out loud. And so the notion that they're trying to do this and make it harder for fellow Floridians to vote in the upcoming election in 2022, it's obvious that they're scared, they're going to lose if they don't suppress the Democratic and independent voter turnout and votes by reasonable Republicans as well. It's shameful, it really is."

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