Giuliani: Hillary ‘Should Be Under Investigation’ for Destroying Gov’t Property

‘I think it’s clear that she had a conflict of interest’

BERMAN: “Secretary Clinton's in a bit of a bind on the issue of the Keystone Oil Pipeline. She's been pressed by Democratic activists as she's gone to town meetings, particularly in New Hampshire, about her support for the pipeline. And she won't say whether she supports it or not. And her reason is because, well, she was part of the administration that put this all in motion. She doesn't feel like she should weigh in now until it's decided.” 
GIULIANI: “You can't run on your accomplishments from being secretary of state -- and personally, as a Republican, I can't find any. I'm sure she's going to find some. But you can't run on your accomplishments as the secretary of state and not take a position on the Keystone Pipeline. I mean, this is absurd. This is like playing a game with the American people, and I think it is feeding into this very growing majority of people who feel she's dishonest. I believe she should be under investigation by the United States attorney in the southern district of New York for obstruction of justice, for destroying government property. I think it's clear that she had a conflict of interest; her husband getting hundreds of millions of dollars. She's making decisions about companies and about corporations that he's getting money from. And I think they filed a joint tax return. I'd have her under investigation for about five different crimes right now. And I think it's outrageous that the Justice Department is not moving forward with this. General Petraeus, a lot of other people have gone to jail –“
BERMAN: “Well, you didn't support the Petraeus decision, did you?”
GIULIANI: “Pardon me?” 
BERMAN: “You didn't -- did you support the Petraeus decision?” 
GIULIANI: “I would have let Petraeus off the hook.”
BERMAN: “Right. So you're saying you'll let him off the hook, but not Hillary Clinton?” 
GIULIANI: “Hillary Clinton, there are five different acts that we're talking about.” 
BERMAN: “But you just said you were going to take a hard line on Hillary Clinton and not Petraeus. You'd let him off.”
GIULIANI: “Petraeus gave away one or two little things. She destroyed a drive with 34,000 e-mails on it. First of all, in a trial court, I could argue to a jury that that's an inference of guilt. If you are under investigation and you destroy evidence –“
BERMAN: “Adverse inference.”
GIULIANI: “-- adverse inference can be argued to a jury. A judge will charge a jury that the jury can assume that she destroyed that evidence because it contained bad information about Benghazi. The judge could charge a jury that. The same thing with Brady, if we want to get to the other subject. His biggest problem is getting rid of the darn phone. The commissioner has a right to draw the inference he got rid of it, because it contained things that would hurt him with regard to this investigation.” 
CAMEROTA: “You're touching a very sore spot with John Berman here, who loves Tom Brady.” 
GIULIANI: “But he has a right to argue, ‘I did it for other reasons.’ But this is a true, criminal case against Hillary Clinton: 34,000 e-mails destroyed? The minute you use that phone as a personal and a government phone, it becomes a government phone. You no longer have a right to pick and choose what you're going to let the government see.”

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