Giuliani: I Am Open to the Idea of Trump Presidency

‘I’m gonna endorse that person who wins the Republican primary because I believe somebody has to reverse President’s Obama extremely dangerous foreign policy’

CAMEROTA: “He, of course, is the former mayor of New York City and was a presidential candidate himself in 2008. Mr. Mayor, thanks so much for being here.” 
GIULIANI: “Very nice to be with you.” 
CAMEROTA: “You seem to be enjoying listening to Donald Trump. You were chuckling along. What do you think of Trump?” 
GIULIANI: “I think this is -- I think this is very, very healthy. This is what -- you want attention in the Republican primary. The debate they're going to have next week or the week after is going to get three times the audience it would have gotten if it weren't for Donald. I don't agree with 100 percent of what Donald is saying. I don't agree with 100 percent what anyone is saying. I worked for Ronald Reagan. And Ronald Reagan's theory was my 80 percent friend is not my 20 percent enemy. And that's where I am with most of them. I agree with about eight out of 10 positions. I'm pro- choice. They're all pro-life. I'm pro-gay marriage. They're all anti-gay marriage. So I have to -- I begin with the premise I don't agree with them on everything. But I think Donald has been refreshing. I actually think he's been refreshing. Right? Look, when the Republican candidate gets selected, whether it's Bush or Trump or Christie or Rubio or Walker or Pataki –“
CAMEROTA: “We don't have time for you to go through them all.” 
GIULIANI: “He's going to get pounded by the Democrats. Pounded. So get ready for it.” 
BERMAN: “So Mr. Mayor, the question is -- and you know Donald Trump personally.” 
BERMAN: “Yes or no: Do you think he could be president?” 
GIULIANI: “He could, yes.” 
BERMAN: “Do you think he should be president?” 
GIULIANI: “I haven't made my mind up, yet.” 
BERMAN: “But you're open to the idea?” 
GIULIANI: “I'm open to the idea of a Donald Trump presidency as I am to a Jeb Bush presidency, a Christie –“
BERMAN: “You see no difference?” 
GIULIANI: “I do see a difference, big differences between them. What I want, my own criteria, I want a strong person who's going to serve America, unlike this present president, who I believe gave the store away in the agreement with Iran and put our national security into grave jeopardy and has put Israel in mortal jeopardy. I want a strong person who's going to reverse these extremely weak foreign policies of President Obama that has put our greatest ally in mortal jeopardy.” 
CAMEROTA: “What about people who think that Donald Trump speaks with a strong voice, but is actually thin-skinned, overly is sensitive? I mean, there's this whole new "New York Times" article today describing him as hyperbolic, hypersensitive, boorish. What do you think about -- do you know these to be true qualities?”
GIULIANI: “I know Donald and Jeb Bush about the same amount of time, 25 years. And they're both very, very good men. Do both of them get angry sometimes? Of course they do. So do you. So do I. You know, but does it affect the way they perform? One was an excellent governor of Florida, maybe the best governor of Florida in the last 50 years. And the other has been one of the most successful businessman in New York, whether he's worth $3 billion or $23 billion.” 
BERMAN: “I know. I love that argument of how many billion -- how many billion dollars he's worth. It's very important to him.” 
GIULIANI: “I always thought Romney made a very big mistake running away from his wealth. If I were Romney, I would have said, ‘I'm proud of it.’ Isn't it better to have a successful man in the White House than a man who's never really accomplished very much?” 
BERMAN: “Just to be clear, you could see yourself endorsing Donald Trump in the race?”
GIULIANI: “I'm going to endorse the person who wins the Republican primary, because I believe somebody has to reverse President Obama's extremely dangerous foreign policy.” 

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