Tucker: Eric Adams Is Eccentric Enough To Say What He’s Thinking and New Yorkers Are Responding

‘Eric Adams is a conventional big-city Democrat’


CARLSON: “According to a new poll, Andrew Yang is losing to a guy called Eric Adams, the Brooklyn borough president, controversial for many years. In a lot of ways, Erica Adams is a conventional big-city Democrat, into identity politics, too. The differences Erica Adams is eccentric enough to say what he really thinks once in a while. For example, and his speech last year Adams launched into an attack on the liberals who have flooded into New York over the past three decades. You’re just an audience of people who have to live with them. Quote, you were here before Starbucks, before others came. Folks are not only high Jaeden hijacking your apartments, but save the things that are important to you are no longer important. What was Erica Adams talking about? What are the important things that smoke fussy liberals don’t want to to talk about? Crime and disorder mostly, those matter. Once you’re afraid of getting shot to death while walking to store, nothing else really matters. No matter what color you are, crime and disorder Ruger life. Whatever else he is, Eric Adams is able to understand that. He spent 20 years as a cop in New York.”

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