Ohio Prosecutor: Officer’s Killing of Black Man ‘Most Asinine Act I’ve Ever Seen’

‘It was senseless’


DETERS: “This is the most asinine act I've ever seen a police officer make is, totally unwarranted. It was -- it's an absolute tragedy in the year 2015 that anyone would behave in this manner. It was senseless and I met with the family just moments ago. It's just horrible.”

[clip ends]

WOLF: “Our national correspondent Jason Carroll is joining with us more. Jason, we just got the video, to warn our viewers throughout that what they're about to see is disturbing. We'll let it roll in its entirety and then you and I will talk about what we just saw. Watch this.”

[clip starts]

>> How's it going, man?

>> All right, how's it going?

>> Do you have your license on you.

>> Yeah, what happened. What is the problem?

>> Is this your car?

>> Yeah.

>> You're coming back from the casino.

>> It's my car, why?

>> You don't have a license plate on your car.

>> It's in my glove box.

>> It's right here.

>> Okay. That's not where the front plate is supposed to go.

>> I don't know that.

>> You don't have to reach for it. It's okay. Do you have a license on you.

>> Yes. What's that bottle on the floor there [ inaudible ]

>> Bottle of what?

>> Aspirin.

>> Do you have a license on you?

>> Yes.

>> Okay, I'm going to ask you again, do you have your license?

>> I have a license, you can take my name.

>> You don't have your license on you? I'm asking a direct question. Do you have your license?

>> I thought I did. What did you pull me over for?

>> Again, the front tag.

>> But it's not illegal to not have a front tag.

>> Actually, it is. I'm going ask you again, do you have a license on you.

>> I have a license, you can run my name.

>> Okay, it's not on you, though?

>> I don't think I have it on me.

>> Be straight up with me. Are you suspended?

>> No, I'm not suspended.

>> Why don't you have your license on you.

>> I just don't no. I'm sorry.

>> Where do you stay at?

>> Right around the corner.

>> Well, as far as figuring out if you can have a license, take your seat belt off.

>> I didn't do nothing.

>> Go ahead and take your seat belt off. Stop! Stop!

>> Shots fired! Shots fired!

>> Did you get him.

>> I don't know!

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