RNC Chair: Maybe CDC Should Talk to the Children Instead of ‘Taking Their Guidance from Teachers Unions’

‘It is really, really catastrophic for these kids’


McDANIEL: "I know. I think it’s the first time that President Biden took unscripted questions or talking points from children. I also think it’s interesting that the CDC is taking their guidance from teachers unions. Maybe they should talk to the children, because this is what it’s about. Kids who are lacking in education, who aren’t getting that in-person instruction, who are getting a gap in what they need to get ahead. I think Tim Scott put it so well in his speech, he said kids being locked out of the classroom today are our future adults being locked out of their potential, and that is so true. I have a son that’s in virtual, I would be happy for him to pick up the phone and talk to President Biden about how awful it is for him. It is really, really catastrophic for these kids.”

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