Fmr. GOP Rep. Comstock Defends Liz Cheney: This Big Lie and Trump Divided the Country and Now It Is Dividing the Party

‘It is cynical to replace a woman with a woman’


COMSTOCK: "I think certainly in February, when you had the vote, you saw there was a silent majority, 145 members of the conference who did vote for her. So I think you can never go wrong in politics doing the right thing for the right reasons. Liz Cheney is standing on principle. You know, it's clear that this big lie not only divided the country as Donald Trump divided the country, but it's now dividing the party. Republicans need to turn the page and be post-pandemic, post-Trump, and be providing solutions. I know when I still get the e-mails from Liz Cheney, the messaging is all about the policies and talking about maybe Biden policies that aren't good, policies that we need to be pursuing. And when I hear from somebody like a Jim Banks or the Freedom Caucus, all they talk about is Trump. You know, this is not a cult of personality. We need to be focused on policies and Liz Cheney is doing that. And I would say it's cynical to replace a woman with a woman. Woe to that woman who would be the handmaiden of these guys, you know, the Matt Gaetz team or the Jim Banks who want to say, 'Oh, we’ll just replace a woman with a woman; a woman who will be quiet and not stand up and state her views.' That is not a good message for Republicans."

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