John Oliver Slams ‘Fear Baboon’ Tucker Carlson: It’s Misinformation To Raise Questions Without Bothering To Answer Them

‘There is a lot of misinformation for people to stumble on’


OLIVER: "Okay, it is genuinely weird to see someone hosting a show on a supposed news network and ending every sentence with a question mark. Especially when answers to most of those questions are out there for anyone who cares to know. So, for instance, that last complaint that the CDC still recommends wearing masks indoors when around vulnerable unvaccinated people does not mean the vaccine doesn't work. Clinical trials found that the vaccines are spectacularly successful at preventing people from getting serious disease. As for whether they prevent you from spreading the virus, the trials weren't designed to assess that, but evidence so far indicates that they drastically reduce transmission. The reason we still see mask and distancing recommendations is that the CDC is being cautious and wants to be sure that it is not spreading bullsh*t around during a global pandemic like a frozen dinner juke with a TV show. Anyway, I hope that answers at least one of your gaped-mouth, bad faith wonderings, Tucker, you scrunch-faced fear baboon.”

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