Lemon Erupts at Cuomo for Santorum Interview: He Was Whitewashing the Whitewash

‘I was sitting in my office furious because he’s done it so many times

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LEMON: "I cannot — I was furious watching the interview in my office. I cannot believe the first word out of his mouth weren't 'I am sorry, I said something ignorant. I need to learn about the history of this country.' No contrition, didn’t talk about the suffering that Native Americans have had to deal with in this country. It was — I mean, Rick Santorum, really?! Did he actually think it was a good idea for him to come on television and try to whitewash the whitewash that he whitewashed? I mean, it was — it was horrible. It was horrible and insulting and I apologize to the viewers who were insulted by it. Because I was sitting in my office furious because he’s done it so many times. So many times. And it's just — I'm sorry, it was so egregious and insulting. And everything that we talk about the founding of this country — Europeans did not found this country. It was here, the Native Americans had this country before the Europeans came. Yeah, the Europeans conquered the country, they colonized it, but they didn't — it had nothing to do with the founding of this country. And he should recognize that. He needs to know that, especially if he’s going to be on television representing us and talking about it. He should be doing it from the right perspective and not from some perspective about how — you know, what Europeans — no! That’s the wrong way to look at it. It's all wrong. I am sorry, but that is the truth. And — I can’t believe I just — I was watching it going, 'I can’t believe this man was sitting here and doing this.' It was like for Black Lives Matter, it was Native American Lives Matter moment for me watching that."

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