Hannity on Texas Runoff, Romney Getting Booed: The Make America Great Agenda Is Still Alive and Well

‘Not the party of the establishment, the swamp, the special interests, or others’


HANNITY: "This past weekend, a massive victory for the GOP in the special election for Texas Sixth District where both candidates, named Susan Wright and Jake Ellzey, who are advancing now to the runoff, you see, both of them are Republicans. And here’s the interesting thing. The GOP combined for nearly 70% of the vote in a district that President Trump only won by three points in 2020. And that's not all, because a never-Trump candidate that was backed by swamp creature Adam Kinzinger, well, completely failed, embarrassed himself, grabbing just under 3% of the vote. So the Republicans in Washington, hear loud and clear that the 'Make America Great' agenda in the country is still alive and well, and not the party of the establishment or swamp or special interests or others. Don’t take my word for it. This is Mitt Romney in his home state of Utah at their GOP convention. Take a look."

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