Cuomo Pushes Santorum to Condemn Trump for Looking at Other People as ‘Less Than’

‘Do you see why it makes people so scared and so hurt?’


CUOMO: "I think it’s instructive of the conversation we’re going to have about your party. Why are people pissed off? Because it seems to be the continuation of a trend — not just with you, but with the newest manifestation of your party — of beating up the little guy and making them seem as less than. Forget the natives. You know, you have done this with homosexuality, comparing it to bestiality, same-sex marriage, minorities. And it seems like this is part of your party now, that there’s something wrong with these black people, that’s why bad trouble happens. There’s something wrong with these gay people. There's something wrong with these people who want reproductive rights. They’re not us. They’re not us. We started this country. Who is we? You’re like me, you’re a mutt who came here a couple of generations ago, Rick. You ain’t no pilgrim. Okay? So, the point is that this is a continuation of an 'us' and a 'them,' and the 'them' is the native Americans, the black Americans, the gay Americans. They’re all others, they’re not us white Christian types. But the white Christian types aren’t even white Christian types. Do you see why it makes people so scared and so hurt?"

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