Joy Ann Reid Slams ‘Li’l Tucker:’ I’m Not the One Who Spools out How the Neighborhood Is Changing Like a 50s Segregationist Housewife

‘They listen to you like you are the news’


REID: “But you’re fine. Going great for you. Race thing, I’m not one who spools out over my neighborhood changing like a segregationist housewife from the 1950s. That’s you, tuckems. And not spouting conspiracy theory that white people will be replaced by Democratic Party conspiracy to replace them. That’s the tiki torch Nazis, that’s you. Reason I continue to mask up in crowded spaces is because I don’t know how many people heard about the court case where your bosses said your show wasn’t news. They listen to you like you are the news and I don’t trust they’re taking precautions against Covid rather than freaking out against a piece of cloth and busting into target to cough on the products like touting measles blankets with them. You’re keeping us steeped in rage and paranoia, and reasons you’re keeping America we’ll have more on your endless-Covid hell, that the endless-Covid hell that the tuckers of our country who, by the way, are the absolute worst, are helping to create. And that is next.lping to create.”

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