Tucker: Target Endorses Riots and Looting

‘Now it is not clear which act of arson that mural on target is celebrating’


CARLSON: “We are committed to using our size, scale, and resources to help heal and create lasting change.” But not help heal the country. No. They don’t care about the country. We know that because target went on to commission a pro-blm group to paint a mural on the front of the target store in Minneapolis. The same store that blm broke into last year. If you are wondering how deep the well of corporate decadence is, it’s bottomless. It shows the words together and I can’t breathe. It also depicts a building on fire. Now it is not clear which act of arson that mural on target is celebrating. Targets across the street, they also set on fire last summer. But the point is clear. Target endorses rioting and looting and sort as the rest of corporate America. What they don’t endorse it prove Delmar preserving our civilization and you should know that.”

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