New Yorker’s Cobb Says Tim Scott Doesn’t ‘Know What Racism Is’ Because He Refuses To Believe ‘America Is a Racist Country’

‘Yes, this is a racist country’


COBB: “The most charitable version of what you can see in Tim Scott is that he was trying to grease the wheels of whatever kind of political reform or police reform we’re going to get in this bill. He’s trying to build up political capital that will allow him to bring some of his Republican colleagues along. But even in that light, it’s indefensible to make these comments in the context of how many — I’ve lost track of how many unarmed black people have been killed, unarmed black people have been killed this month in encounters with police. And so if he wanted to have this debate about whether or not America is a racist country, I disagree with him and Kamala Harris. Yes, this is a racist country. When we look at the institutional outcomes, every single major institution that we have has a racial disparity in what the outcomes of what the people's relationships are with it. So if that doesn’t qualify you as a racist country, then we just simply don’t know what racism is."

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