Gov. Whitmer on Alleged Kidnapping Plot Against Her: ‘Words Do Matter’

‘We’ve got to all rise to the challenge and stop vilifying and encouraging these domestic terrorists’


WHITMER: "The more details that we learn the more disturbing this is. And I think it serves as a stark reminder that words matter. And I’m incredibly grateful to the FBI and MSP and that gratitude only grows with more revelations about how serious and scary this group was. And how intent they were not just on harming me but harming our law enforcement, harming communities. And, you know, we saw President Biden last night give a great speech about coming together, defeating our common enemy, Covid. A year ago I gave the response to the former president’s last state of the union and I said words matter. I had no idea how important that phrase was going to be but words do matter. The rhetoric has got to stop. We’ve got to all rise to this college and stop vilifying and encouraging these domestic extremists to hurt our fellow Americans."

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