Graham: Biden Didn’t Talk About Solving the Border Crisis Because Biden Is the Crisis

‘Joe Biden is the crisis’


GRAHAM: "All I can say is, if you watch your show, you will learn a lot about the border and politics in general. Why did Mark Kelly mention the fact that Joe Biden didn’t talk about solving the border crisis? Because Joe Biden is the crisis. The root cause of the run on the border is not the northern triangle countries. They are no better and no worse than they were under Trump — they're better, I think, because of Trump. The bottom line is, Joe Biden instituted catch-and-release. If you come to America, you get released in the country, you never show up to your court date. If you're under 16, you stay here. Word is out all over Central America that Joe Biden has gone back to catch-and-release. And Mark Kelly knows, unless you change catch-and-release and reform asylum, it’s never ending. And the reason Biden never mentioned it is because the left won't let him mention it. The root cause of immigration chaos is Joe Biden."

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