Biden: White Supremacy Is Terrorism

‘We’re going to come together to heal the soul of this nation’


BIDEN: "Al Qaeda and ISIS are in Yemen, Syria, Somalia, other places in Africa, in the Middle East and beyond. And we won’t ignore what our intelligence agencies have determined to be the most lethal terrorist threat to the homeland today. White supremacy is terrorism. We’re not going to ignore that either. My fellow Americans, look, we have to come together to heal the soul of this nation. It was nearly a year ago before her father’s funeral when I spoke with Gianna Floyd, George Floyd’s young daughter. She’s a little tike, so I was kneeling down to talk to her so I could look her in the eye. She looked at me, she said, 'My daddy changed the world.' Well, after the conviction of George Floyd’s murderer, we can see how right she was if we have the courage to act as a Congress.” 

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