Dagen McDowell Says Biden Only Polls Well on Continuing Trump Policies: ‘Serving Up Stone Cold Trump Leftovers’

‘He is net negative on guns, border security, and immigration’


MCDOWELL: “Well, there is 7.5 million job openings, higher than the pre-pandemic level because businesses can’t find workers. We were talking about that last week. To Juan’s point, you can analyze these polling numbers in a different way so Joe Biden is net positive, meaning approval higher than disapproval on four issues, Coronavirus, healthcare, economy, foreign policy. He is net negative on guns, border security, and immigration. What does that mean? Coronavirus, health, economy, and foreign policy, Joe Biden is merely serving up stone cold Trump leftovers to the voters. That’s why he is polling better on those issues. Coronavirus, vaccine, healthcare, vaccine, economy, low taxes, $4 trillion in stimulus last year before Joe Biden ever entered the White House and foreign policy.”

(Via the Daily Caller)

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