Kamala Harris: Biden and I May Have Different Life Experiences, ‘But We Have the Same Values’

‘We have made almost every decision together’


HARRIS: "Well, I think that, first of all, you will recall that, when Joe Biden asked me to join him on the ticket, he did so with a sense of intentionality, of purpose, knowing that he and I may have very different life experiences, but we also have the same values and operate from the same principles. But it was something that I know he was very intentional about in terms of asking me to run with him and to serve with him, which is that I will bring a perspective that will contribute to the overall decisions that we make. He and I are in almost every meeting together, have made almost every decision together. I'm not going to talk about our private conversations, of course, but I can tell you that it is often the case that, as I will ask his opinion about things, he will ask my opinion. And through that process, I think that we arrive at a good place. And, ultimately, of course, he is the president and he makes the final decision."

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